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The IVRF was established to benefit Indiana Veterans and their families who are in need. Below is a critique of the programs we conduct to benefit the men and women of our armed forces, and many families that have fallen on less fortunate times. The information below is intended to provide an overview of how our supporters' much appreciated donations are being put to use. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to helping those in your community!
"No Veteran, nor their family should be forgotten in their time of need."
Family Services Program:
International Long Distance Calling Card Program
This program is to assist the children and families of active military personnel who are currently financially challenged with such items as holiday meals, groceries, Christmas toys and clothing, for the children of such families in need.

Many Veterans who are serving to protect our freedom must leave full time jobs. Out of respect for their willingness and dedication to our country, helping their families in need, is the least we can do!
This program is to provide veterans with international calling cards to call home. These hero's have had an extended time away from home and sometimes need to hear a familiar voice.

Every day a veteran serves overseas their family and friends are concerned for their safety. A simple phone call home is such a necessity to love ones!

Since 2006, we have provided over 2,400,000 minutes of long distance calling cards to service men and women stationed overseas, while they protect our precious freedom!

The Indiana Veterans Relief Fund is a program of Common Ground Charities, a 501(c)(3) IRS approved not for profit charity, with a tax number of 20-2896847. For any tax questions, please contact your financial adviser.

For any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at:
5868 E 71st Street #203 • Indianapolis, IN 46220 • Telephone/Telefax 317.641.6417
We are pleased to report since 2006, as a result of the generous support of our dedicated donors, we were able to provide a significant amount of assistance to our current troops and their families who are in need.

We distributed over 2,400,000 minutes of international calling card time so that our troops and veterans who are either serving over seas, stationed in the U.S.away from home, or unfortunately experiencing extended stays in an Indiana VA Hospital.  

We also are proud to be able to have distributed thousands of dollars to our soldier's and veteran's families who were in need of some sort of assistance including such items as:  Food, Clothing, School Supplies, V.A. Hospital commissary items, and other necessities. 

We look forward to and appreciate your ongoing support!!